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Diversity Abroad’s Global Equity & Inclusion Guidelines (formerly known as the Access, Inclusion, Diversity & Equity (AIDE) Roadmap) provide institutions and organizations involved in international education the tools and support to conduct self-assessment of their unique context. Adherence to the guidelines support international education offices and organizations as they develop or enhance inclusive policies and practices that support the success of students throughout various opportunities within global education. Connected to the Global Equity & Inclusion Guidelines is the Global Equity & Inclusion Assessment, which provides the opportunity to self-examine institutional and organizational processes, procedures, services, and training mechanisms to identify persistent and pervasive issues that may or may not be supporting a wide range of students.


Diversity Abroad, in collaboration with experts in the fields of international education, diversity and inclusion, and student affairs, has developed the second edition of the Global Equity & Inclusion (GEI) Guidelines for Education Abroad. This includes a set of guidelines and a comprehensive assessment tool for education abroad offices and organizations who administer education abroad programming.

The Global Equity & Inclusion Guidelines for Education Abroad cover the following areas within offices, departments, and organizations working in education abroad and international education.

  • Student Data and Profile;
  • Staffing, Hiring and Retention;
  • Strategy and Leadership;
  • Communication and Partnerships
  • Organizational Operations;
  • Professional Development and Training;
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Curricular and Co-curricular activities;
  • Advising and Student Support

  • The Global Equity & Inclusion Guidelines for Education Abroad supports institutions’ and organizations’ efforts toward developing and improving effective policies and procedures to increase access to, participation in, and inclusive support for diverse students in education abroad.

    The Global Equity & Inclusion Guidelines for Education Abroad places specific emphasis on the following student populations:

    • Ethnically/Racially Diverse
    • First Generation College
    • High Financial Need
    • LGBTQI+
    • Religious Diversity
    • Students with Disabilities

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    Diversity Abroad’s Global Equity & Inclusion (GEI) Guidelines for Education Abroad utilizes a set of diversity & inclusive good practice guidelines and a comprehensive assessment tool to provide a framework for developing and achieving diversity & inclusion goals to ensure equitable access to the education abroad benefits that improve the academic success, interpersonal growth, and career readiness for all students.
    Participation in the Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard provides an opportunity to:
    • Create a baseline to measure improvement
    • Embed diversity & inclusive good practices systemically
    • Leverage partnerships to support student success
    • Employ a strategy-driven approach vs isolated initiative
    • Increase representative participation in education abroad
    • Promote academic, interpersonal, & post-graduate success of students
    The Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard was developed for Education Abroad Offices & International Education Provider Organizations. Institutions & Organizations have the flexibility of engaging the entire Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard at once or each module can be administered separately.

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    Diversity Abroad would like to thank the members of the GEI Guidelines Working Group. This group collaborated over a 6 month period to provide feedback and critical guidance on Diversity Abroad’s redesign of the GEI Guidelines guidelines & assessment.
    • Amy Anderson, PhD - University of Dayton
    • Monroe France -New York University
    • Andrew Gordon - Diversity Abroad
    • Alan Jansen, PhD - Arcadia University
    • Grace Johnson - The Ohio State University
    • Jonathan Kaplan - Hebrew University
    • Erica Ledesma - Diversity Abroad
    • Susan Lochner - University of Wisconsin, Madison
    • Lily Lopez-McGee, PhD - Consultant
    • Carol Reyes - Miami Dade College
    • Darin Smith-Gaddis - CAPA The Global Education Network
    • David Taylor - Wake Forest University
    • 'Dimeji Togunde, PhD - Spelman College
    Diversity is grateful to Pilot Program Participants for completing the GEI Guidelines assessment process and providing valuable feedback and insight prior to public release.
    • ArtCenter College of Design
    • AIFS Study Abroad
    • DePauw University
    • Elon University
    • Texas A&M University
    • University of Dayton
    • University of Maryland, College Park
    • Wake Forest University


    Contact Diversity Abroad ([email protected]) to learn about the 2nd Edition of the GEI Guidelines.

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