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Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Are Essential to the Future of International Education

Now more than ever, as a field and individually, we must be clear about our 'why' for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Our why has to be more than 'it's the right thing to do'. It is–but it's much more. In this article, Diversity Abroad CEO & Founder, Andrew Gordon, highlights the importance of the centering global inclusive excellence in the field of international education.

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Top Tips for Supporting International Students from India


Check out this useful tip sheet, created by the 2022 - 2023 Diversity Abroad Community of Practice for the Region of Asia & Pacific Islands, for international student advisors working with international students from India.

Advancing the Work of DEI in International Education Through Thought Leadership and Research


Explore how DEI's significance is underscored in international education, biases in academic recognition are challenged, and opportunities to amplify practitioner-focused voices for a more inclusive educational landscape.

Embracing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in a Sustainable Way


This artcile will focuses on the “people” element of sustaining DEI efforts in your institution or organization and provide some literature as well as tips on how to achieve this.

Bridging The Gap Between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Global Learning


Students' identities impact their global learning experience. Home and host institutions should prepare and support them through diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges abroad. Strategies to bridge the DEI-global learning gap are discussed.

Did You Drink the Kool-Aid


Explore post-pandemic study abroad, highlighting diversity, student support, and the lasting effects of COVID-19 on international education from the perspectives of university professionals.

Diversity Abroad publishes regular articles on topics at the intersection of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and global education from practitioners in the field as well as Diversity Abroad team members. If you are interested in contributing, please contact [email protected] with your idea in a few lines, relevant credentials, and your contact information. Please note that we are not able to respond to all inquiries.

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