The Global Student Leadership Summit

The Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) is the premier student leadership conference that prepares participants with inclusive leadership skills and global competencies so that they can thrive in their communities and on globally diverse campuses and work teams. This will be the 8th annual GSLS, which attracts dozens of students from colleges and universities nationwide with a simple goal: to develop the skills essential to being a successful and inclusive leader in a global society.

This year’s Global Student Leadership Summit will be held in-person in Chicago, IL from November 1-3, 2023. Students will participate in leadership sessions, engage in critical dialogue centered on self-reflection and identity, establish and maintain relationships with like-minded student leaders, and connect with professionals from higher education, the public sphere, and private sector. Participation in the GSLS will strengthen students’ leadership skills and develop global competencies including self-awareness, communication, team building, embracing diversity and difference, and more. 

The 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit is an immersive opportunity for emerging leaders from all backgrounds to participate in professional development workshops to enhance their career readiness by learning how to articulate and leverage their international experience for career and graduate opportunities. Students will share their global learning experiences with education abroad and diversity professionals in attendance at the conference and discover new career possibilities that would benefit from their global experiences through sponsored panels and information sessions. At the same time, GSLS participants will develop awareness of diversity and inclusion especially as it relates to leadership in a global society and consider solutions to global issues through workshops and case studies. Through networking and community-building activities, students will experience meaningful interactions with student leaders from a variety of different colleges and universities.

  • Empower student leaders to realize the skills necessary to make an impact on their campuses and in their career.
  • Enrich student understanding of international experience through critical reflection and structured engagement on topics such as identity, social justice, inclusion and access, and leadership
  • Encourage students to network with other student leaders and professionals and explore ways to apply their international experience to various career, post-graduate, and academic opportunities
  • Energize students to harness their global experiences to make real change on their campus, in their communities and in the world

The Global Leadership Summit is intended for undergraduate and recently graduated students who are interested in developing their skills are global leaders and engaging with their community in order to create impactful change.


Registration for the 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit is open.

Registration for the 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit will open in May 2023. Institutions are able to nominate and purchase registrations for their students and students are welcome to purchase their own full access registration independent of an institution. Registration fees differ for participants from a member or non-member institution (see table below). If you are unsure if your institution is a Diversity Abroad member, please contact us or check out a list of our members here. Please note that accommodation and travel costs is not included in registration fees and participants will be responsible for their own costs. Participants may take advantage of the special nightly rate at the Palmer House a Hilton Hotel by booking through our booking link.

Full Access Pass

If you know that GSLS 23 is an event that you won't be missing or you are certain you will be sending students to GSLS 23 secure your full access pass now! Pay the registration in full and rest easy knowing that your student will be maximizing their leadership skills at GSLS 23 in Chicago!

Full Access Pass Deposit*

Unsure if you will be able to attend or of which student you would like to send to the 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit? No problem! Lock in the current registration rate by paying a $50 deposit. For example, if you pay a deposit by July 14, 2023 you will be locked into the Early Bird rate. Similarly if you pay your deposit between July 15 - September 28, 2023  you will be locked into the Regular Registration rate. You will have until October 13, 2023 to submit your registrant details and pay the remaining balance.

GSLS23 registration deposits are closed as of September 29, 2923. Thank you for placing a deposit. If you have questions about how to pay your balance in full, please send an email to [email protected] .

*This is a non-refundable deposit.

If you have any questions or concerns about conference registration, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Early Bird Registration (May 1 - July 14, 2023)                  Regular Registration (July 15 - September 28, 2023)  Late Registration (September 29 - October 25, 2023)
 Members: $100  Members: $150  Members: $200
 Non-Members: $150  Non-members: $200  Non-Members: $250


If you are unsure about the registration process, you may watch this video or review this PDF guide. If you still have questions please send us an email at [email protected] .Please note that in order to access the member rate you must be a licensed user on your institution's membership account. If you receive an "Access Denied" message when trying to access the member rate, this means that you are not a licensed user on your institutions account. If you need help gaining licensed access, please send us an email at [email protected]

Registration for the 2023 Global Student Leadership Summit is now closed. If you would still like to attend the event, please contact [email protected] to inquire about openings.

Scholarships to cover the registration costs for the Global Student Leadership Summit are available and the application is now closed. Please note that this scholarship covers full registration for the conference program. This scholarship does not include lodging or travel stipends. If you have any questions regarding the scholarship application, please reach out to our team at [email protected].


Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Registration Desk open for collecting name badges and conference materials.
This optional event welcomes attendees to network with other attendees and set intentions for the summit. Join us for the Welcome Social of the 8th annual Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS). Engage in casual conversations, forge new connections through interactive icebreakers, and lay the foundation for meaningful relationships with fellow attendees. Get ready to embark on a journey of growth and empowerment as you connect with like-minded peers at this vibrant social event.

Thursday November 2, 2023

Welcome to The Global Student Leadership Summit! We are thrilled to have you here with us today! This opening session and breakfast will be an incredible opportunity for you to connect with other amazing GSLS participants from all over the world! You will have the chance to share your experiences, learn from others, and set goals for your time during the summit. We can't wait to see all the incredible things you will achieve during your time here at the Global Student Leadership Summit!
During this break time, participants are encouraged to explore the exhibit hall which will boast 30+ represented organizations showcasing the unique opportunities available in their organizations. Visit to see which organizations will be represented.
Research in psychology shows that humans use narrative as a way to construct identity and introduce purpose and meaning into our lives. This interactive session will introduce students to various narrative techniques and how they can be used to make meaning of an experience abroad. The session will also explore how identity influences the stories we tell about ourselves, and will incorporate reflective exercises on the evolution of one's identity before, during, and after an international experience. Students will walk away from the session with strategies to articulate their identities and experiences abroad in an overall personal narrative that can be used while applying to graduate school, jobs, or fellowships after graduation.
The Networking Luncheon at the Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) presents an exceptional opportunity to connect with industry professionals and fellow peers. Imagine engaging in captivating conversations with seasoned leaders who have honed their skills to drive change on a global scale. What challenges did they encounter? What pivotal moments shaped their journey? What opportunities are available for students like you? This luncheon is more than just a meal; it's a seat at the table where ideas converge and networks thrive.
Meal Included
More details coming soon.
Join us for a two-hour experiential learning simulation activity that will help you develop your leadership skills and navigate group dynamics. Collaborate with your peers in an interactive environment that mirrors real-world challenges.
Attending conferences can be taxing on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It is important to take some time to relax and recharge after a long day of engaging workshops.
The Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion in International Education (EDIIE) Awards for organizations and institutions highlight outstanding achievements of institutions and organizations that have developed practices and policies that foster diversity and inclusion in global education and exchange and/or promote an inclusive environment for international students on campus. We invite you to join us for a gala event that will celebrate the achievements of global education. During the gala professionals, organizations, and students who were nominated by their colleagues will be recognized for their outstanding work and achievements in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Visitto learn more about the Awards. Meal Included

Friday November 3, 2023

Resume Power Hour is an exclusive opportunity designed to enhance your resume. During this event, students will be paired with professionals who will review their resumes and provide constructive feedback during their 15-minute scheduled time block. All participants will have the chance to edit and submit a final version of their resume, which will be compiled, organized, and sent directly to our career fair organizations post-conference for potential opportunities. Space is limited, so reserve your spot now!
  • Local Kinect: Increase Your Social Emotional Understanding Through Storytelling
    Students will understand the foundations of social emotional learning and identify the ways in which they expanded their social emotional growth through global experiences. After a foundational understanding students will participate in ‘Kinection Conversations’ via the Local Kinect game. The Local Kinect game is designed to spark conversations in order to reflect on social emotional growth and share perspectives of those different from you!

  • Empowering STEM Globetrotters: Navigating Study Abroad Challenges and Opportunities
    Discover how you can break down barriers and elevate your STEM journey through international experiences. Unleash the potential of study abroad as STEM students. Uncover strategies to navigate demanding course loads while pursuing global education. Hear from former STEM majors who defied odds, matching upper-level courses abroad to boost career prospects. Learn how to transform setbacks into stepping stones by collaborating with host and home institutions.
    Join us to:
    • Empower Your STEM Path: Gain insight into conquering obstacles that hinder STEM students from studying abroad.
    • Craft Your Global Strategy: Acquire knowledge of tools and resources to drive your international education.
    • Amplify Your Diversity: Foster cross-cultural collaborations, promoting diversity and leadership.
    • Own Your Journey: Share your experiences, discuss barriers faced, and explore feasible solutions.
    • Actionable Steps for Success: Discover skills to overcome course matching and other challenges.
    • Postgrad Adventures: Explore Fulbright scholarships and beyond, shaping your global future.

  • Guiding the Future: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders through Mentorship
    In this presentation, we will delve into the transformative power of mentorship in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Through captivating anecdotes, real-life success stories, and cutting-edge research, we'll examine the unique dynamics of effective mentorship relationships and how they create a supportive environment for mentees to thrive and reach their full potential, and explore how mentorship plays a pivotal role in empowering emerging leaders and fostering their personal and professional growth.
During this break time, participants are encouraged to explore the exhibit hall which will boast 30+ represented organizations showcasing the unique opportunities available in their organizations. Visit to see which organizations will be represented.
  • The Phantom Menace: From Bias to Belonging
    Biases manifest in nearly every interaction between people worldwide either positively or negatively. Biases can detrimentally affect the experiences of students who study abroad and international students who study in the US. The session will dive into psychological concepts and lived experiences to take a multifaceted approach to understanding bias and belonging. Participants will not be required to share but will be welcome to speak about their own experiences and perspectives.

  • “I Don’t Belong Here:” How Leaders Can Foster Belonging
    This session will provide practical strategies for fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can feel like they belong. We will examine real life scenarios, engage in self-reflection exercises, and take part in hands-on activities. Attendees will leave with at least one strategy that they can utilize immediately after the session. Topics covered will include: the difference between inclusion and belonging, workload equity, impostor syndrome, code switching, and advocacy.

  • After Black Lives Matter: Building Upon the Movement
    Check back soon for session description!
Check back soon for details.
  • Leveraging Global Experiences to Enhance Your Career
    Students will hear from a panel of professionals in a variety of sectors to learn more about how global experiences can enhance one’s career prospects, and the ways in which global competencies inform their everyday work across a broad range of industries.

  • Student Mental Health Abroad: Becoming Your Own Advocate
    In recent years, we’ve seen greater diversity and disclosure in student mental health for those interested in global experiences. Mental health will always be impacted by any form of change, but adapting to a new country can provide a specific set of challenges. Self advocacy is one of the best ways for students to receive the care and resources they need to feel supported, as well as have a successful experience abroad. However, advocacy can be one of the more difficult aspects of mental health. In this presentation, we will cover a few case studies of why self advocacy matters, how to go about it, and how to properly tell your story when it comes to mental health and going abroad.
Immerse yourself in the stories of student leaders who've harnessed their global experiences to create a local impact. Through candid conversations, our panelists will discuss their initiatives, share strategies for building cross-cultural bridges, and offer perspectives on how their diverse backgrounds have enriched their leadership journeys.
Join us for the culminating session, "Leading Forward: Reflect, Engage, Transform." Reflect on your leadership expedition, collaborate with your peers, and craft a personalized roadmap to drive positive change. Embrace the tools, insights, and connections you've gained to lead forward with intention, impact, and innovation.


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