Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard

The Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard is a comprehensive and proprietary assessment that leverages Diversity Abroad's Global Equity & Inclusion Guidelines (formerly AIDE Roadmap Guidelines) to help higher education leaders measure, map, and improve the effectiveness of their global education operation through a diversity, equity and inclusion lens. The assessment is designed to provide leaders with the data, insights and guidance needed to improve the health of their global education operation and ensure such educational activities support the academic success and career readiness of all students but places emphasis on the following populations:

  • Ethnically/Racially Diverse
  • First Generation College
  • High Financial Need
  • Religious Diversity
  • Students with Disabilities

The Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard includes an assessment that audits the following areas within offices, departments, and organizations responsible for supporting student success through high impact education abroad programming:

  • Student Data and Profile;
  • Staffing, Hiring and Retention;
  • Strategy and Leadership;
  • Communication and Partnerships
  • Organizational Operations;
  • Professional Development and Training;
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Curricular and Co-curricular activities;
  • Advising and Student Support


Organizations have the flexibility of engaging the entire Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard at once or each assessment module can be administered separately.

  • Access to the Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard Tool
  • Access to Comprehensive Global Equity & Inclusion Workbook for each module
  • Custom report upon completion of the assessment module(s)


  • Seal of Official Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard Rating after meeting minimum standard after completion of all modules


The following outlines the per assessment module pricing for members and non-members:

Institutional Member: $6,300 

Non-Member: $8,550


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Based on feedback from pilot institutions, completion of all 9 modules of the Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard may take between 10 and 14 hours.
It can be advantageous to designate one staff person as the project manager to guide a committee in completing the Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard. Information and data will need to be gathered from multiple campus units which will require a collaborative effort.
Scores from participating institutions are blindly aggregated. Institutions can gauge progress by comparing scores to other similar institutions (based on student enrollment and institution type); however, institutional names are not made public. Institution's score and overall rating will only be reported with the consent of the institution.
The Global Equity & Inclusion Scorecard is intended to engage and recognize the full spectrum of study abroad offices at colleges and universities in the U.S. Additionally, it is intended to involve those just starting their efforts toward diversity and inclusion in education abroad to long-time diversity and inclusion leaders.


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