About Diversity Abroad

For nearly two decades Diversity Abroad has led the field of international education toward inclusive excellence. As the first organization solely dedicated to advancing diversity and inclusion practices and policies in international education, our work aligns and advances higher education's inclusive excellence and comprehensive internationalization goals.

Who We Are

With 300+ committed members around the world, Diversity Abroad is the leading membership consortium that inspires and supports educators, policy makers, and other stakeholders in advancing inclusive excellence in the international education and exchange field.

Diversity Abroad firmly believes in the power of global learning. The consortium's mandate is twofold. First, to ensure that all students—domestic and international—have equitable access to the benefits of global education and are able to leverage such educational opportunities to succeed in globally diverse academic settings, workplaces, and in the communities where they live. Second, to advance inclusive practices and policies that support diversifying the field and promote a climate belonging in the workplace.

Collectively with our committed members we strive to ensure the international education sector serves and has a positive impact on all communities.

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Our Mission

Diversity Abroad’s mission is to create equitable access to the benefits of global education by empowering educators, engaging stakeholders, and connecting diverse students to resources and opportunity.

Our Vision

That the next generation of young people from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds are equipped with the skills, knowledge and global acumen to thrive in the 21st century interconnected world and global workforce.

Our Purpose

To ensure all students to have equitable access to and maximize the interpersonal, academic, and career benefits afforded through global education.  

Our Values

Authenticity - Diversity, equity, and inclusion are hard work. We each have a personal connection to the work, communicate openly and honestly with one another, and foster an environment where our members can share best practices and learn from peers.

Community - We support and are a part of the Diversity Abroad community, an inclusive space for educators, students, and other stakeholders who have made a commitment to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education.

Curiosity - We are lifelong learners: never resting on what we already know! Each of us seeks new ideas, new skills, and a willingness to adapt to new perspectives and approaches.

Impact-Driven - We are intentional and disciplined with the activities and partnerships that we pursue to advance our mission.

Innovative - We are passionate about our mission and have a stake in shaping the organization. Each of us, regardless of role, actively engages in dialogue, challenges current thinking, and proposes solutions that continues to push the organization forward.

Professionalism - We are respectful, humble, and accountable. Each of us offers expertise and knowledge and delivers high-quality content and experiences.

Trademark - Diversity Abroad

Diversity Abroad® is a registered trademark.

While we acknowledge that the term “diversity abroad” may be used in global education, the use of “Diversity Abroad” is prohibited in titles of scholarships, programming, communication campaigns, etc. without explicit permission from our organization. If you have questions about our trademark, please contact [email protected].

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Global Inclusion Fund

For almost two decades Diversity Abroad has led the international education sector toward inclusive excellence with a singular goal: to ensure all students have access to the benefits afforded through global education. An advocacy organization, Diversity Abroad advances practices and policies that align higher education’s inclusive excellence and internationalization goals. 

The global inclusive excellence practices and policies championed by Diversity Abroad support student academic and career success goals. Such practices do not align with the way many anti-DEI activists have characterized diversity, equity, and inclusion work. However, anti-DEI legislation is increasingly having an impact on the ability of institutions in some states to continue their engagement with Diversity Abroad, inhibiting their ability to holistically support students and staff. To support these institutions during this challenging time, Diversity Abroad is proud to launch the Global Inclusion Fund

The Fund provides complimentary access to Diversity Abroad's specialized resources and professional development opportunities for higher education institutions and professionals whose state’s ban on public funding for diversity, equity, and inclusion prevents them from continued engagement with Diversity Abroad.The Fund's goal is to ensure educators, regardless of their geographic location, have uninterrupted access to the essential tools that position them to provide inclusive support to domestic and international students as well as staff. 

The Global Inclusion Fund positions Diversity Abroad to provide complimentary membership and registration at the Global Inclusion Conference/Summit for institutions impacted by blanket legislative action that prevents state and federal funds from being used for diversity, equity, and inclusion activities. 

How it Works

Diversity Abroad partners commit to sponsoring an institution or a professional through the Global Inclusion Fund. This can be in the form of paying it forward—doubling membership dues or conference registration fee—or upgrading their sponsorship level for the Global Inclusion Conference by one level. Diversity Abroad will in turn unlock complimentary access to membership or conference registration for impacted institutions.


What are the recommended sponsor amounts?

Each institution or organization will differ in the amount they can sponsor. We recommend either doubling the value of membership dues for the 2024/25 year, doubling the registration fee for the 2024 Global Inclusion Conference, or increasing by one level of sponsorship for the Global Inclusion Conference. 


How do I sponsor another institution?

During the 2024/25 membership renewal period, members will have the option to double their membership dues. Likewise, when registering for the 2024 Global Inclusion Conference/Summit, attendees will be able to double their registration to support attendance from professionals whose funding has been restricted.

We're not a member of Diversity Abroad, but would like to support. Can we?

Yes you can. Please contact us and we'll walk you through the steps for sponsoring an institution or professional to engage with Diversity Abroad and our specialized resources and professional development opportunities.


Will the sponsors/recipients be publicly acknowledged?

Only institutions and organizations that request to be publicly acknowledged as a sponsor to or recipient of a Global Inclusion Fund will be recognized on Diversity Abroad's website and materials.  

Will I know the organization/institution that has funded me or that receives funding from my sponsorship? 

Sponsoring institutions and organizations will be notified which institution and/or specific professional has benefited from their sponsorship. Institutions being sponsored will only be notified if the sponsoring institution/organization of the entity agrees to make this information available. 

What happens if funds are not allocated?
One hundred percent of sponsored funds are allocated to cover membership and Global Inclusion Conference/Summit attendance. Any sponsored funds that are not allocated will be returned or, at the partner's request, reallocated for other Diversity Abroad activities. 


My institution has not been a member of Diversity Abroad, are we eligible to participate?

The Global Inclusion Fund is available to institutions that were active members of Diversity Abroad during the 2022/23 and 2023/24 academic years. If there are remaining sponsors after  former members have been supported, institutions from impacted states may be eligible for support.


Who can I speak with for additional questions?

For additional information please connect with the Diversity Abroad membership team at: [email protected]

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2023 Global Inclusion Conference

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